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Monday  The Dow was down over $100 on the overnights but rallied from the low and though it closed off its highs it was not down much. With luck this may be the start of a several day or longer correction. We only had one new watch list buy today -  TWI .  

Friday  Ides of March - beware - the market pulled back. Well a couple of points is all. We had two new buys today but they did not move much. They were: -  AEGR and   SFI. Have a great weekend!

Thursday  Wish market would pull back to help make new setups.

Thursday  Good rally today for Options Expiration - may stay volatile for Friday also. We had many more watch list stocks trigger as a buy today.    DXPE, INFI, DVAX, HOT, TSN, BCEI, GEO, TTWO and   LNKD

Wednesday  Wish market would pull back to help make new setups.

Tuesday  Markets were pretty flat today but with options expiration we may see some wider moves. We did have two new nice buys today -  RNDY and   OVTI.

Monday  Markets moved higher - it is an options expiration wee so some volatility may come. Some - watch list buys today -   CHK, BX and   RDN.

Friday  Good employment numbers helped the markets today but although we had new buys today - then new ones did not go up much though many open trades did very well. Todays new buys included:   JEC, VVR, GEO, VYH and   SOXL.

Thursday  Again the market advanced. In the morning before the open we find out non-farm payrolls and the unemployment rate and they could move the market. Today had 7 more new buys so a very nice day. They were:   JCI, JMBA, WGO, END, GMCR, BSFT and   PQ.

Wednesday  The market ended the day higher but over the daily top Bollinger bands so would be better to consolidate or dip to bring it back inside the bands. Today only one new buy from the watch list.   LL.

Tuesday  A nice rally today took the Dow and the S&P 500 over their top Bollinger bands. RSI has room to run but expect consolidation or pullback by Thursday. Jobs reports will be this week so that may cause some added volatility. We had 7 more stocks from the watch list trigger as buys today.    NGLS, TWX, TWO, AIZ, JCOM, NDAQ and   PKG.

Monday  A start of the week on the up side but the volume was light. Fro the watch list a nice day as we had 5 new buys today.   Z, EVR, NXST, TXI and   MPC.

Friday  The month starts with a gain - for the most part. We had 3 new buys today from the watch list  CLDX, MDSO and   WYN. Have a nice weekend.

Thursday  Last day of the month with a minor decline after the end of month buying yesterday. No huge gains on the watch list new buys today but again there were 6 stocks that triggered.    MAKO, AB, EXH, FFCH, LAMR and   TXN.

Wednesday  End of month buying was in force today as at least the Dow made up for the losses of Monday. The small caps however have under performed in the last 2 days. As is often the case on broad market rallies, our watch list break outs today did not move up very much. Those new triggers included:   AVY, ATHN, HMSY, PANW, PES and   AVP.

Tuesday   The Dow  rebounded today and made back about 50% of yesterday's loses. Volume was ok but it is still under its 20-day MA. If it breaks back over it could spark a rally to new highs. Today we had two more stocks hit their buy prices.   SEE and  SWY.

Monday  Pretty big sell off today but it could lead to a decent rally later in the week.

Monday  The markets picked up today and broke out of the recent range- finally. Wednesday are the Fed minutes so all will watch to see if there are any words about the Fed's easing policy. We had 7 new buys from the watch list today -   INFI, NTRS, BMRN, ANAD, SGI, DRC and   AEP. The site will probably not be updated at least for the rest of the week. - Maybe a bit longer.

Friday  We end the week with 4 new buys from the watch list. Market was pretty flat for the week but we had 17 new buys - good week. Here are the new ones from today-  CRAY, FLT, SFLY and   AEGR. Have a great weekend. The US market will be closed on Monday for President Washington's birthday.


Thursday   Another small decline on a day when the bears made no attempt to break the market down 1 day before options expiration. This is bullish.  We had 3 more watch list stocks trigger as buys as we are a day away from the long holiday weekend.  AGO , RGP and  ARRS.

Wednesday   Yet again a tight range consolidation day while the Russell 2000 advanced slightly. It is options expiration week so keeping tight is maybe what is planned. We did have 2 new buys today from the watch list -  RSO and  CBT.

Tuesday  Well no big market moves even with the NR7 yesterday. We did however have many new watch list stocks go over their buy lines. Here are ones that did so, along with some that gapped over today.   FOSL, GV, XXIA, FLS, KBH, MHK and   NVE.

Monday  Consolidation again but for the Dow at least looks like an NR7 day so a chance the Tuesday will be a much larger range. The best new buy today was -  AMSC.

A remix of a Kina Grannis song

Tuesday   The Dow  rebounded today and made back about 50% of yesterday's loses. Volume was ok but it is still under its 20-day MA. If it breaks back over it could spark a rally to new highs. Today we had two more stocks hit their buy prices.   SEE and  SWY.

Friday  Another day of consolidation today but we did have a couple of new buys though they closed off their highs.   TTMI and UHS.

Thursday  Market was in consolidation mode today which is helpful for further advances as it was overbought. Some of these stocks actually triggered first yesterday and continued today - others are new today.    GDP, NFLX, EFII, CMI, TGH, FIVE and   KLAC.

Wednesday  Market was in consolidation mode today which is helpful for further advances as it was overbought. Some of these stocks actually triggered first yesterday and continued today - others are new today.    GDP, NFLX, EFII, CMI, TGH, FIVE and   KLAC.

Tuesday  The markets made a V shaped recovery. We had several watch list stocks trigger or almost trigger but none held large gains today.

Monday  The pullback started with a decent sized more but it did not break any big support. We would favor a multi day pullback and its nature would be watched closely. Low volume non dramatic decline would be especially welcome. Not many new moves today. Ultra VIX UVXY was a winner as it climbs when market declines cause tension. Muscle Pharm MSLP was featured in the weekend newsletter and though it is fairly low volume it did well again today gaining 23%.

Friday  Market ended the week on the plus side and at news highs. Once again we had many watch list stocks do well.  We had 7 more new watch list buys today though the 1st was not really a buy as     N gapped up and fell all day but others triggered as buys today - INFN, RF, LSE, ALL, CELG and   MS.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday   A bit more decline today but nothing looks damaged. In tonight's video we do show though there could be an EMNA crossover for the ETFs for the S&P 500 which would move them to the short side. We also had 2 more stocks from the watch list that hit the buy line.   ASGN,   and  GV.

Wednesday   GDP was lower than expected but partly because government spending was less which is a plus. Regardless - maybe for technical reasons we had a bit of a pullback today. We also had 3 more stocks from the watch list that hit the buy line.   LL,   DRI and  NAVB.

Tuesday   A day of some window dressing or was it just normal buying? Not sure but a good day though now the Dow over a ST 61.8% and S&P 500 close to one. I pull back may not come but it would be helpful. We had additional new buys today -  ALJ,   ZLC and  PT.

Monday   A very small dip today - I would like to see more off it to work off some overbought issues. 3-D printing stocks after flying so high had a big haircut today. We had several more stocks from the watch list trigger as buys today. GGC,   ZLC and  UVXY.

Friday  That is 6 days in a row up for the Dow and only 3 down days all month. Fantastic to have so many new break outs in the first month of the year. Most traders are now looking forward to a good correction. We had 7 more new watch list buys today -    APA, ROVI, GCO, INFN, ANAD, GMCR and   FBN.

Thursday  Yet again the markets moved higher but the closing candle on the Dow may indicate its time for a dip. The S&P 500 closed with an indecisive candle.  We had 6 more new watch list buys today - great way to continue the week.   WNC, DGI, NTRI, XRAY, IRF and  HTA.

Wednesday  The markets continued up except the Russell 2000 was down a bit. In after hours a dip perhaps due to Apple drop. We had 6 more new watch list buys today - great way to continue the week.   AEGR, LEN, INVN, TDS, CORT and  KBHThat is 28 new buys this week! Have a great weekend.

Tuesday  Another very nice day for the markets and new highs with average volume. We had 7 more new watch list buys today - great way to start the week.   RNDY, FOE, OPEN, LNG, AB, BC and   NFX.

Friday  It has been a good week with continued market gains during 4 of the last 5 days. Earnings season continues with some big names next week. It is also a short week as the US market will be closed on Monday. We had 2 more stocks from the watch list hit buy prices today.   BLMN and  URBN.

Thursday  Very nice day today with small caps leading the charge again which we like to see in a bull market. Volume picked up but was not huge.   From the watch list  today we had 10 more hit buy prices.    HMA, BCEI, HERO, BLT, SANM, HOT,  HLX,  LUV,  SFLY and  MCRS.

Wednesday  An uneventful day and a tight range that will give way to an expanded range soon. We did have a couple more new buys today from the watch list --   CDNS and  DCTH.

Tuesday  A small dip in the futures to support only set up a nice long trade for  very good trades. Many former watch list stocks keep going and today we had 3 more hit buy prices.  MDR, OMX and  THC.

Monday  A slow Monday but the market advanced a bit. Apple gaped down today on reports of  smaller  orders of phone parts. The chart of it has been suggesting for weeks that prices would go lower to test the trend line. We had a couple of stocks actually go a little over their lines but not enough to take them off the active list. We had one gap up and do quite well:  XXIA.


Friday  This week we had 20 stocks from the watch list that triggered a buy after 39 last week. Amazing way to start the year. Especially biotechs and low priced stocks have done great. Natural gas also had a very nice bounce from a low that was higher than the low in June. New buys today include: NVAX, BBY, STRVMC and  FRAN.

Thursday  A nice move today to above recent highs which helps with the case that we will be testing the highs for the Dow and the S&P 500 pretty soon. We had a couple of more new buys today but the larger movement was in the stocks we already own. Here are the new ones today:  ATONTY and  MYL.

Wednesday  After a couple of days of consolidation we got a small rally with a nice increase of new highs and also increased volume. This is bullish and today we had 5 more new buys from the watch list:  HALO, GGC, THLDVOLC and  MAS.

Tuesday   The market pulled back some but it was an amazing day for biotech as they made up the market's top gainers today.  The market is working off over bought conditions but a lot of individual stocks are now overbought. We had 4 more new buys today and one closed up over 17%. Today's new buys -   PACB, FCEL, VCA and  MCK.

Monday   We had a couple of gap ups today and the top market gainer from our list triggered as well and in tonight's video we talk of the 15-min gap rule. Todays new triggers were:   PPHM, VVUS and ES.

Friday   7 more watch list stocks hit buy lines today which marked 39 for the week - and this was a short trading week. Hope you have a great weekend - these were the new buys for today - one was up over 20%.-  UNXL, SONS, YELPBCEI,  GDP,  ARRY and SQNM.

CEDC   long

Thursday   A tight range consolidation day from an overbought market. The move this week left a lot of stocks with good looking charts so the rally may continue a while even if it needs to pullback a bit first.  We had 4 more stocks from the watch list hit buy lines today:   ACUR, ZGNX, AVNR and  EXAS.

Wednesday   We got the New Year rally part 2 and 22 stocks from the watch list triggered-  OREX, AGNX, TVLRVBD,  XIDE,  PPC, EXPR,  ONTY,  BMRN, FSL, WLK, CHMT, FBC, ISIL,  AIG,  BIRT,  MNTA, OI, SANM, MIC and  FBP

Monday We got our new year rally today with a big advance in the markets on higher volume. As we show in today's video however, it was a bounce for the Dow off the 200-day EMA with a run to the 50-day EMA. This is a common pin-ball type of move and great for a day trade but needs to now break over resistance to prove itself. We had 7 new buys to end the year and several more came close to a buy. Here are the new ones from today:    ASTX, AXL, CATYIRDMEMRHOV and SCS.  Happy New Year everyone!

Friday Fiscal cliff - no resolution so traders wanted to exit the market. It is getting quite oversold so bounce is coming. We had one new buy today - TC. Have a great weekend.

Thursday We had no new buys today - which is not so common but the market for much of the day was down. After finding support it gave a good rally so we may still end the year with a 2 day move up.

Wednesday Market continued lower today yet many stocks still are doing well. Maybe we can bounce on Thursday as the close for S&P was over the 50-day EMA and the Dow slightly under. The new buys today were:   AVEO, SPWR and MNKD.

Monday The market pulled back a bit more on low volume of course as it was a short day. The Dow came down to the 50-day EMA and 20-day MA so a really good place for a bounce on Wednesday.  Some current watch list stocks continued higher but only one new buy today and it broke over the buy line by only pennies so far - that is ..  SPPI. Have a great Christmas.

Friday We had a super week with 24 watch list stocks hitting buy points we had plenty of good opportunities. The Russell  2000 small caps continue to be the real winners as that index was up almost 3% this week. By comparison the S&P 500 was up about 1% while the Dow was up 0.4%. New buys today included:  GST and TLAB. Have a great weekend.

Thursday The move up regained the upper hand today though did not return to the Tuesday closing highs. The Russell 2000 again though di make new highs as the small caps are shining at the moment. We had 6 more watch list stocks that triggered or continues today making for 22 this week.  Today:    AFO, OCZ, MDCO, SWCJIVE and CXW

Wednesday Market gave back much of its gains from yesterday - well not the Russell 2000 as the small caps are in the sweet spot of the year at the moment. We had 3 more new buys today.   HA, GMCR and BG.

Tuesday  Great follow through to yesterday's rally and this quickly brought the market to short-term overbought levels. Today we had so many triggers from the watch list. Really fine day:    AFO, OMC, CSCO, CJESAKS, AMDAEGR, WNC,  UEC and  CY.

Monday Very nice day with a good rally on increased volume. It may not be a solid up to the end of the year but it hints that the rally will come. We had some new triggers on the watch list today: KKK VVUS and  ADT. Friday  The pullback continues and for the Dow looks like it may test the 50-day EMA. From the watch list today we had 3 new buys that did well: INFA, CVI and  MCP. Have a great weekend!

Thursday  IMO not a very interesting day. Some stocks looked like they may run today but the volume was light. Maybe a boost to end the week or further decline to set up a better rally later.

Wednesday   A bit of a rally today then a drop back to a flat close. We did have several new buys and some that triggered yesterday moved more but most did not close so near their high of the day . The recent buys.    IO, TPX, FNPSPR,  AMSC,  CLSN   and  TPX.

Tuesday      Nice day again and market has now run back up to election highs. Nice inverse head and shoulder so a year end rally could break us out to test or break this year's highs. We again had some nice new watch list buys today. :    DYAX,  MWA, CNQR and  WCG.

Monday   Consolidation day with small range but it ended on the up side. Meanwhile we had new buys today from the watch list :    FNSR,  TER, PSX and  LIFE.

Friday   We end the week with 5 new buys from the watch list: CAT, NOC, WDCRWT and  EVER. Have a great weekend.

Friday   We end the week with 5 new buys from the watch list:     CAT, NOC, WDCRWT and  EVER. Have a great weekend.

Thursday   A Nice day with the Dow closing back over its 50-day EMA for the first time since the second half of October. From the watch list thee first two here did especially well and were new buys.  PANL, ATHN and SO.

Wednesday  The rally especially for the Dow today had very strong volume. Not many new buys from watch list though but small decline today thought but   IBN did very well.

Tuesday   A small decline today thought the Russell 2000 was on the plus side. Rather subdued trading today. From the watch list   JEF made a clean break and  XNPT triggered but ended the day down.

Monday   The market gapped up and to do that on a Monday on overbought markets is often a set up for at least a mild pullback. The Dow may now have to re test the 200-day EMA. We had a couple of new triggers today but only one that had a decent gain.   OCZ and EV gapped over a little and pulled back.

Thursday   Another decent day with advances in the major indices. Not a lot of stocks from the watch list were new triggers but there were a couple -   IDCC, GALE and CECO.

Wednesday   The expected upturn took place today and the S&P 500 closed at the highest level since the start of this rally 8 days ago. There were two more watch list triggers today -   CLDX and CYDX.

Tuesday   The pullback picked up a little speed but not on higher volume. Expect to see a turn back up by late in week. New buys today included:    CROX, AVNR and ABMD

Monday   A very nice consolidation day to start the week after last week's big gains. We also had a decent day from the watch list.  AMCC triggered as did ALSK, TASR, ODP, VMED and RNDY.

Friday   The rally continued nicely on Friday and we had 4 new buys from the watch list.   EQT triggered as did LKQ, STEC and ABC.

Wednesday   The advance continued after one day of rest. Pretty good day as there is still the questions of debt in the country. CTB triggered today then by the closed had pulled back to the buy point while ASTX did continue higher as the trade suggested. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Tuesday   It was a good day today as the markets only consolidated the gains and ended about unchanged. Think we will go higher. We had 5 more news buys from the watch lit today.  DY, CUR, DLTR, CVD and  HD.

Monday   We had our very much expected rally - well at least the start of it. Two days left before the Thursday close then half a day on Friday. We expect to see higher prices by the week's end. We had a few new buys from the watch list today:  CAB, CLGX, RP and  CPB.

Tuesday   Until some cliff resolution it may be slow going. Today's gaps and new moves from watch list.   OMX, NTI and BIOS

Monday   Start of the week saw a rally then a giving back of those gains. Same with the watch list - not too much action.    CTB went over the first line and then the trigger but then pulled back a bit. May continue.

Friday  The market futures had a nice technical bounce today moving up right from support. However, they gave it back by to end the day flat. We had a couple of stocks try to break out but did not have enough energy. Have a great weekend!

Thursday   The market continued lower today with S&P 500 even closing below the 200-day EMA. When we do have a rally we may find enough short covering to make a very nice move up.

Wednesday   Seems many trades were in place that were counting on a Romney win and those had to be unwound so we had a pullback. In some cases it broke some support so there may be more to come. IN other timeframes we are at some support as it is.  Anyway there is time before the Thanksgiving rally season. We had 3 new buys today so not all stocks were lower.     ENOC, HCA and LL.

Tuesday   Good day of trading with 6 more watch list stocks hitting buy point. We expect a rally to continue of election results go smoothly. Today's new buys were:    VSH, R, TASRJEF, JOE and ALKS

Monday   In front of the US elections it is not a surprise that the market was rather flat today. Wednesday may see a rally regardless of outcome as long as someone wins but Thursday will be a better day to show its true colors. If Romney of course all would expect the banks to rally. Today we had one new trade that did very well - a pullback buy  -  EGHT. Friday   We started out going up after a better than expected jobs report but hit the short term Fibonacci projection levels and turned down. In the afternoon APPL led the way lower and took many with it. We had three gap ups today from the watch list  GM,  EXPE and  FOSL but they could not hold the gap as not enough volume. We did have another buy that did ok -  HEES. Have a great weekend and set your clocks back on Sunday morning.  

Thursday   Several improved economic reports and the market had very nice bounce that gave us 11 new watch list buys. There is market resistance just overhead so Friday's official BLS jobs report may spark addition movement over resistance - or not depending on what the numbers are. Today's new buys included:     BYI, AON, IFFGIL,  K,  VECO, AMP, PCAR, CALX, IDCC and  APKT. Wednesday   The market opened for the first time this week and even though the morning saw a rise for the indices - they lost it my the afternoon. We did have 2 new buys today and they did quite well -   BKS and EXP.

Thursday   Not a very interesting day for the indices and not much action for new watch list entries either.  End of month coming so where is the window dressing? The  new one were  ARG.

Tuesday   The market dropped and the Dow futures hit the measured move we showing a a special video on Monday and it bounced. The bounce did not continue but so far the low of the day held. We will find support within a couple of days unless earnings continue to be under expectations.  Two of our ultra short watch list ETFs gapped and ran today UVXY, SDOW and  DOLE was a short.

Monday   The market started fine then the dip looked like it may fall more but instead before the close it rallied back. We had a couple that triggered a bit but we will leave them as active as they pulled back a little and may run again soon.

Thursday   Great trading day again with 8 new buys from the watch list. Google had good earnings but not as good as some wanted so it sold off some taking the market with it to a small degree. Options expiration of course had a play as well. Today's new buys included:      PII, FIG, ACIGTI, FBHS, LNCSBAC and  GRA.

Wednesday   Today the Dow lagged, the S&P 500 did better but the small caps did the best. We like to see the secondaries outperform. The S&P especially closed at some resistance. We had several nice new buys today including:     PIR, PFG, ARNACDE and  GPOR.

Tuesday   The rally from support continued and it was on better volume. The missing part is that the small caps were not the leaders and they need to be. We had 2 stocks from the watch list gap at the open and another trigger in the usual way.   STEM, DPZ and  MUR.

Monday   We had a rally day and may continue but watch the 20-day MA -  on the Dow and others as it likely will be resistance. We had some nice new buys today -  DGI, VMED and  QCOR.

Thursday   Rally overnight and it did not hold however we also did not break support. Earnings will pick up next week so expect more volatility. Two new buys today were:  BPOP  and ACMP.

Wednesday   Yesterday's close under the 20-day MA on the Dow suggested a drop maybe to the 50-day and we are almost there  so expect a bounce by Thursday. We had two new stocks that hit trigger points but did not yet follow through.

Tuesday   Market broke some support levels and with higher volume but this does help any  overbought conditions to set up for an election rally. We had 2 buys that triggered a bit yesterday but made better moves today.  GME  and BBEP.

Monday   Running late as me mention in tonight's video. Have a good Tuesday.

Friday   We had a nice day today heading into the weekend. 4 new buys  so it went well They were:  ACAD, BMRN, FMBI,  and XNPT. Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday   A better movement today than we have seen this week. The Dow closed over the resistance line we have been showing so now in range to try for new highs. We had 5 new buys from the watch list including -  XXIA, KBH, SSI, SAH,  and AFFY.

Wednesday   Another tight range day but a plus after a decent job report form ADP. Transports rebounded and we had new buys from the watch list including -  PPH, EXAS, VIP,  and CELG.

Tuesday   The market did little today but we still had a few new buys. In the morning Wednesday we get the ADP employment report. Last month it was up nicely. -   new buys were -  EXP, XLS, HCC,  and AIR though it ended pretty flat today.

Monday   A rally day but it did not close over resistance. Natural Gas again the big winner but it has run into some resistance and ST over bought so caution for the short term.    AIR on watch list triggered but not enough volume to keep it over line.

Thursday   Was not like traditional window dressing but a decent rally - or bounce despite some weak news. Natural Gas again did well and we had some new buys from the watch list.   IDCC and  MDVN .

Wednesday   Just continuation as some take profits and others short. After the pullback we will likely see some continued rally toward elections. As oil continued lower our short of oil and gas triggered today -   DUG  .

Tuesday   Market started out higher but after support broke - down it went. Watch now for support shown in tonight's video.

Monday   More consolidation today but we did have two new buys:    BMY and  APP .

Friday   The morning started out close to break out levels but it did not happen on this expiration day. Still, we had some decent new buys today from the watch list:   BWSGTXI, HEBLPS Have a great weekend!

Thursday   Again a narrow range day and still is bullish. And yet again Biotech was super with one new buy from that sector that closed up 16%-   AMPE .

Wednesday   More consolidation today but still strong moves in the biotech sector. Two new buys today included:   IPXL and  AOL .

Tuesday   The Dow and S&P and Russell 2000 held support today in a rather small range. We had several continuations today and at least one new trigger -- GERN.

Monday   Consolidation day with a pullback and not threatening in itself but triple witching this week and a history of being a down week suggest caution. One that triggered recently and pulled back and then triggered again today was the biggest gainer today    BPAX, others were  LIFE   and ATU.

Friday   Another good day for the watch list with 5 new buys. Market needs a rest after such a strong week. Here are the new ones that triggered today:  GRPNGORO, SHLDRGLD and AXAS. Have a great weekend!

Thursday   Thanks to the charts and the Fed for a really nice rally today. Over bought charts will be pulling back on Friday or Monday - or some days of sideways at the least. News buys today included:    AZPNALNY, NTRSCHTR  and ADI.

Wednesday   Consolidation day in front of Fed on Thursday. New buys today were -   MTHFTR,  and APA.

Tuesday   The rally continued and we had more new buys. Nat Gas was super, running up to some resistance.  A biotech led the way today for new buys -   CTIC, other new buys -  BYD, CALXDISH,  and IBM.

Monday   Small pullback to started the week. With Fed news expected this week and German decision we may be volatility by mid week.    BOIL  was a leader today and we had one new buy for at least a quick trade -   CMG.  

Friday   The rally continued with so many more new buys from the watch list - one was up over 50% intra day.    PPHM, MTG, TRNANAD,  MGM,  QSII, TRN, ITW and NFX.

Thursday   The Russell 2000 was great today - so was the market in general with high volume. Friday we will see if the government jobs report matches that from the ADP one today. Here are about a dozen stocks from the watch list that triggered today.   TRW, ARO, EBAYGTIV,  OSK,  MPG, PBY, PRGO, MIC, SNTA, MYGN and  DVA.

Wednesday   Bland market in general today - but interesting that the lower earnings for FedEx did not seem to bother the market. We had two new buys today from the watch list up their modest gains. We had two new buys today from the watch list -   GT and SEE.

Tuesday   The Russell 2000 lead the indices today and broke out of recent levels. This is good news as the small caps have been underperforming. We had a lot of new buys today - and here they are.   BPAX, GORO, HOVGSS,  GME,  ACXM, CAB, HRC and  HL.

Thursday   No window dressing this month - though we do have one day to go. No big movers of new buys from the watch list - a few hit triggers - the best new buy today was -    MMPC .

Wednesday   Another low volume day with little movement . S&P and Dow futures hit overhead trend lines on 60-min charts and pulled back giving up their modest gains. We had two new buys today from the watch list -   MSTZ and FRAN.

Tuesday   A little market pullback today but for a change the Russell 2000 small caps led as they were positive for the day. We had a few more watch list breaks outs today -   BLDR, MNKD and DSCO was up over 15% at the close.

Monday   A bland day with a little consolidation is all though we had some movers as in tonight's video.  

Friday   Nice rally today right from proper Fibonacci retracement levels and the measured move targets we have been showing. Watch list stocks did well also with 4 new buys today:  SHW, TZ, SVNT and MDAS.   

Thursday   Continuing the pullback the Dow leads the retrace. Used to be that Euro strength made a strong market but not the last few days.

Wednesday   Seems it was the Fed minutes that helped the market close off its lows. End of next week we will know if they have something in the works.

Tuesday   First pullback we have had in a while - not severe but a caution just the same. we had a few that triggered just a bit but the main two were:    DSKX  and  ISIS .

Monday   Pretty bland consolidation Monday but good for stocks. We had 5 new triggers today - all made profits.  DNDN   SREV   DK   CLWR   and   WLK.

Thursday   Yesterdays close for the Dow and S&P left an NR7 candle. That means Wednesday was the narrowest range out of the last 7 days and often that means a break - expansion of range will follow. It happened today. We had many former buys advance nicely and here are the 4 new buys from today or a buy and a super gain. We also had some nice new triggers today:  CONN,  EXH,  CAM  and   LPS.

Wednesday   A repeat of yesterday though the small caps today did better than the big ones. We had 2 new buys today from the watch list.    DNB and HK.   

Tuesday   More market sideways - but we did have several new buys from the watch list:   GY, DGI and SUSS.   

Monday   OK day just consolidating on low volume as is typical on Mondays. We had 2 new buys today and many continuations. The new ones were:  DDD   and   DECK.

Thursday    New buys today  were   XCO   and   SMBL.

Wednesday   Sideways is the good thing to do as it can set up for another advance.  We had one new buy today and many other watch list stock advances. The new one was   CHK.

Tuesday   Good rally for most of the day then a late day pullback. We had so many watch list stocks making advances today and several new buys as well. A couple were:     MEET, PQ, LSI and GMCR.   

Monday   OK day just consolidating on low volume. We had 4 new buys today and many continuations. The new ones were:  BSFT   FSII   IT   and   GEO.

Thursday   Yes a down day but not a bad bounce from support on the SPX. We had one new buy that was a rebound trade so far.   PHM  

Wednesday   Another pullback day for the market. We had one fast trade in the morning reaching its gap fill target in 15 minutes. An another taking all day to move.   RSH  and   BAS.

Tuesday   Some more minor pullback so no big new moves. Tomorrow starts a new month so maybe some inflows from funds.

Monday   Consolidation day with just one new watch list buy:  COG.

Friday   The end of month window dressing sure helped a lot of our stocks. From the watch list we had 10 new buys today and they all made profits. JDSU, ALNY, CADXCCI,  GDI,  ROK, MMR, NTAP, SPAC and  ZQK. Have a great weekend!

Thursday   The market continued the rally - especially the Dow but close to resistance. End of month window dressing may help us out here with some more buying.  Today new trades included:    PCYC, BWS, INVN,  and  ED.

Wednesday   A bit of a bounce today but not much and on low volume. We did however have a nice move on a new one   LL  it gapped and ran - plus   DOLE.

Tuesday   Market continued lower today but remains over the 200-day EMA. At the close the Dow futures still held the trend line short term. We did have 3 new triggers today - one was short.  VMED   TSO   and   ETN.

Monday   With today's market pullback we had only one new buy and it could not do too much - yet.   DHI 

Thursday   The market rally continued into resistance so would not be unusual to pullback from here. We have many new stocks on the wat6ch list so a break out would also be nice. Today we had many new buys:    TTMI, QLIK, DNRMASI,  CRZO and  SGEN.

Wednesday   Super day with increased volume as many stocks advanced and a lot  of continuations on the watch list. Short term some overbought readings we talk of in tonight's video. New buys today included:  EMMS  and   MRO.

Tuesday   Nice continuation in the market after a one day rest. Futures pulled back enough so that RSI went under 30 then over it for a buy and a super gain. We also had some nice new triggers today:  KOG,  ARRY,  BZ,  S  and   XEL.

Monday   Market consolidation today on low volume. A couple of new buys today were:  JMBA   MHP   and   JAZZ.

Thursday   One more day in the week after 6 days down - will it rally? Anyway we have longs and shorts so all is ok. New triggers today were:  VHC,  RKT , RFLO   and   DISH.

Wednesday   Still no bounce but at levels that may bring one tomorrow. We did have 3 new buys today: OREX,  RJET   and   LCC.

Tuesday   Lets make that 4 down days in a row but there is the chance for a Wednesday bounce as short term futures charts did hit Fib levels that may support a move higher. We had just 2 new buys today:  ASTX   and   MELA.

Monday   Market down 3 days in a row so maybe a small turn-around-Tuesday as the Dow had basically tested the 50-day and 20-day. A couple of new buys today were: VVTV,   and   SGMO. span class="auto-style2">

Thursday   Some decent consolidation today and some nice moves for a couple stocks featured in the weekend newsletter. Nonfarm payrolls and unemployment rate are at 8:30 tomorrow morning so may be market movers.

Thursday   Some decent consolidation today and some nice moves for a couple stocks featured in the weekend newsletter. Nonfarm payrolls and unemployment rate are at 8:30 tomorrow morning so may be market movers.

Tuesday   Nice rally on the short day and we had many movers and a few new buys also including: JRCC,   BODYTTI and RSX.

Monday   Good market consolidation today. Tomorrow the market closes at 1:00pm EST. We had some very nice moves today - more biotech also. Some new buys today included:  ISIS,   AMGNALXN, and HERO.

Thursday   The market was down but recovered and I would say that Friday would close well but news from Europe is an unknown for the day.  Today's new buys from the watch list included:  RDN   MPC and DV.

Wednesday   Running late tonight - we have a a video of mostly biotech stocks.

Tuesday   The market did not do much but it was a great day for many stocks on the watch list as the strong ones just kept on going racking up very nice gains as seen in tonight's video.

Monday   The market was down but Biotech still rockin' strong. Old and new movers today included:  AMRS   GEN, LEE and PCYC,

Thursday   The market had a big-ish day down but as we show in tonight's video - we had a lot of stocks that continue to do well. New ones today not so many.   CHTP did great on news while SCO. gained as oil fell.

Wednesday   Consolidation day for equity indexes and still looking healthy - ish - Not many new buys but 2 did trigger.  AMRS and URZ.

 Tuesday   Good day for the market  and note that for the Dow and S&P 500 - they ran to the 61.8% Fibonacci retrace. A possible pullback spot - or consolidation. If they break higher we will look at the 78.6% level. Again today we had many new buys - they include -   IRF, AH, LLTCBRCD,  EPU,  SOXL, MMR, GALE and  LAZ.

Monday   The market consolidated but we had a ton of stocks hit new buy lines and many continuations. A very good day. Here are the winners of the watch list today:   MLNX, AH, ALLTQCOR,  FSLR,  CY, ORLY, CAR, AVT and  SNTS.

Thursday   The big cap Dow was the leader today rising up to the 50-day EMA and a bit out of the 6-day range. The S&P 500 is only slightly above the range while the Russell 2000 in underperforming those two. We had though a great day with one buy - nat gas ETF rising 27%. The new buys include:   BOIL,  DNDN,  SMBL,  PBY, DMD and  CYBX.

Wednesday   Today seemed like a typical consolidation day is all. It did try to rally and failed but closed not far down in this 5-day range. Thursday new claims will be watched but still much thought about Greece and if they may leave the Euro Zone. Today we had one new buy and it did not move much. -   FDO 

Tuesday   Markets rallied back up to the range of yesterday's high but were unable to break out.  We had two new buys today from the watchlist -   AONE was the big mover that triggered today and ran up 50% and one that just triggered was -   ARNA.

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